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How Can I Determine If My iPhone’s LCD Screen Is Broken?

How Can I Determine If My iPhone’s LCD Screen Is Broken?

A broken liquid-crystal display (LCD) can be a real pain in the neck, whether you’ve accidentally dropped your phone or suffered damage due to constant use. From struggling to read messages or emails to missing important phone calls, this shattered component can prevent you from effectively communicating with others and doing essential tasks. It can also make your mobile phone unsightly. 

Although feeling frustrated about this inconvenience may be understandable, you should know that you can repair your broken LCD screen with professional help. You must also understand the warning signs to increase the chances of not replacing your phone early. 

If you’re ready to restore your iPhone’s best condition, this article will first differentiate screen glass and LCD. We’ll also enumerate the five warning signs never to overlook. 

Screen Glass vs. LCD: What’s the Difference?

Screen glass is a protective layer on the LCD that prevents scratches, dust and glare, and manufacturers make it from tempered glass or plastic.

On the other hand, LCD is a display technology that uses liquid crystals to create images on a screen, with many small pixels arranged in a grid. Experts use it in TVs and smartphones, providing bright, sharp images with low power consumption.

5 Warning Signs to Schedule a Professional LCD Screen Repair

You’ve never heard of anyone who wants to use a phone with a broken LCD screen. However, you must learn when to let a professional fix it to ensure its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here are the red flags that all phone owners should never miss.

1. Lines on the Display

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing unwanted lines on your phone screen. Besides being unsightly, these marks can prevent you from using your phone efficiently and effectively. 

If you see thin lines on your LCD screen, either vertical or horizontal, it may indicate a broken screen. This type of line typically occurs due to a damaged or cracked LCD panel and could warrant replacement.

2. Cracks on the iPhone Display

Cracks on your iPhone’s display can negatively affect your device’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Besides significantly degrading the resale value and increasing the risk of further damage, it can reduce its touch sensitivity. 

If you observe any cracks on the screen, it could indicate a damaged LCD screen. However, it could still be possible that you have destroyed the glass instead of the LCD screen. 

3. Black or Blank Screen 

A black or blank iPhone screen can prevent you from using the device and cause you to lose unsaved data. It can also drain the battery faster and indicate hardware or software issues. Moreover, this issue can make troubleshooting challenging, as you cannot see the screen correctly. 

When your iPhone screen is black or blank, it could mean the LCD screen is broken and needs fixing. Likewise, a distorted or blurry image on the screen could indicate a broken LCD screen. You should also consider any unusual discolouration or blurring as a red flag of a broken LCD screen.

4. Your iPhone’s Touchscreen Isn’t Working

You can test the LCD’s touch sensitivity by touching the screen. It could indicate that the LCD is damaged if it does not respond to your touch or responds slowly. This situation is especially true if some regions of the touch screen are unresponsive.

5. Dead Pixels 

Dead pixels are minute sections of the LCD that don’t show images or text. You can find them for darker LCD parts than the remaining sections. If you detect any dead pixels, you probably have a faulty LCD. 


Nobody should endure using an iPhone with a broken LCD screen, as it can be frustrating and impair your ability to use your device correctly. You can restore your phone’s best condition by watching for the warning signs and letting a professional repair it. 

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