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Why Repair your Mobile Phone?

Repairing your mobile phone not only saves you money but it is also much better for the environment.

Our consciousness as humans is constantly shifting, and as we evolve, we become more aware of our impact on humanity and the environment. New laws are constantly being put in place to reduce our plastic use, greenhouse gas emissions, agricultural impact and so much more. However, has the term e-Waste ever crossed your mind?

Let’s be honest, probably not… So, what is E-Waste?

E-Waste is all electronical devices fitted with a battery or plug (computers, iPads, mobile phones, etc.) that have been discarded or are no longer in use.
To put it in perspective; how many people do you know without a mobile phone attached to them at all times… not many is probably the answer….
To put all the numbers into perspective, you’re looking at 43 mobile phones being thrown away every MINUTE in Australia…
That leaves approximately 23 MILLION phones per year being discarded, thrown out, or left in the bottom draw of your kitchen….
If this number isn’t shocking enough, then picture this, if we were to fill Adelaide aquatics centre’s main pool up with the number of phones, we disregard every year, we would be able to fill it up 163.9 times…. Does that give you a better picture? The amount of waste is quite staggering… 
So now that we have given you some facts, what can we do about all this waste?
Well, you have already made the first step… you are on our page!!!
Repair does so much more than just save you money. You are:
– Supporting Small Australian Businesses
– Investing in knowledge and Creating Jobs!
– Fighting the big corporations that invest their money into the ‘throw away’ economy
– Endorsing a sustainable way of living!
But most of all you are becoming apart of the solution. Here at Digimob, we advocate for repairs, not just because we are a repair company, but because we care about our world, the environment and about customers owning their phones, not their phones owning them.
If you can’t fix it you don’t own it!
Still here? Still reading along? THANK YOU! 
Thanks to people like you were able to spread awareness about e-waste and as a thank you we would like to offer you $10 off your next repair by using the code: FIXIT