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    How long does a repair take?

    Repairs normally take 1-2 business days. We do offer same-day repairs (providing parts and technicians are available) for an additional $22.

    What happens if I have Manufacturer Warranty on my Device?

    We only repair Samsung devices under manufacturer’s warranty using genuine parts. If you repair any other make of device through us, it is your responsibility to investigate whether this will void your device’s warranty.

    Do I have Warranty on Device after repairs?

    Our parts and workmanship have a three month warranty on repairs. Physical, liquid damage or tampering will void our warranty.

    How much is a Quotation?

    The fee for a device assessment is either $49.50 or $88 depending on the device’s model and make. If we are assessing a water-damaged device the assessment fee is $150, as typically water damage costs no less than this to fix, and if it does, we will happily refund the difference upon repair completion. All our assessment fees will go towards the total repair cost providing you go ahead with the repairs. If you choose not to proceed with repairs, our assessment fees are non-refundable.

    Do I lose my Data?

    We try to preserve all of the data but cannot guarantee that data will not be lost. If the repair involves losing data, we will notify you before we commence repairs.

    Are water-damaged devices repairable?

    Yes, at Digimob we specialise in water-damaged phones, but in some cases they are beyond repair depending on how badly damaged the device is.

    My Device isn't turning on, what do I need to do?

    The best thing to do is bring your device in for an assessment so we can identify the fault/s.

    My Device is covered by insurance, can you provide a quote?

    Yes, if you are with RAA the quote is free. If you are with another insurance company an assessment fee will be applicable to pay. We are a trusted company by insurance providers.

    If my device is Beyond Economical Repair, am I refunded?

    We will refund you any payments you have made minus the Assessment fee.

    Can I buy parts?

    We do not sell parts. We only provide parts with our technicians’ installation.

    How long does it take to order parts for my device if they aren’t available?

    Parts normally take up to four business days to arrive, however this all depends on supplier stock levels. Parts on back order can delay your order by a few weeks.