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Water Damage & Your Smartphone: Prevention, Assessment & Repair 

Water Damage & Your Smartphone: Prevention, Assessment & Repair 

Water and smartphones don’t mix, yet accidents happen more often than we’d like to admit. From accidental spills to full submersions, water damage can lead to a range of issues with your mobile device, ranging from minor malfunctions to complete device failure. Learning how to prevent, assess, and repair water damage can save you time, expense, and the frustration of losing valuable data.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore essential tips and practices that help you minimise the risk of water damage, assess the extent of damage if an accident occurs, and explore repair options to restore your smartphone’s functionality. With Digimob Phone Repairs, take a proactive approach to safeguard and maintain your mobile phone, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge and tools to address water-related mishaps effectively. Let’s dive in and protect your smartphone investment from the risks posed by water!

1. Preventing Water Damage to Your Smartphone

Preventing water damage is the first line of defence in ensuring the longevity and optimal functionality of your mobile device. Here are some practical steps you can take to minimise the risk of water damage.

Using a Waterproof Case

Investing in a high-quality and well-fitted waterproof case can provide an essential level of protection against water damage, particularly for accident-prone users or those exposed to wet environments. Ensure the case you choose is specifically designed for your device model and meets the required standards for water-resistance.

Storing Your Device Responsibly

Develop the habit of keeping your mobile phone away from potential water hazards, such as sinks, pools, or open beverages. Avoid placing your device on unstable surfaces, like countertops or tables, that may cause it to fall into water accidentally.

Keeping a Water-resistant Pouch Handy

Water-resistant pouches and dry bags can be a lifesaver during outdoor activities or in wet conditions. Store your smartphone in these pouches when needed, especially during water-based activities or heavy rain.

2. Assessing Water Damage

In the unfortunate event that your smartphone comes in contact with water, it’s essential to assess the extent of the damage. 

Turn Off the Device

Switch off your smartphone immediately, as continued operation may increase the risk of short-circuiting and further damage. Avoid the temptation to test the device prematurely, and never plug it into a charger.

Disassemble the Device

Carefully remove any detachable components, like the SIM card, SD card, and battery (if possible), to facilitate drying and examination.

Inspect for Water Indicator

Most smartphones have built-in liquid damage indicators (LDI) that change colour upon contact with water. Refer to your device manufacturer’s guidelines to locate and examine the LDI. A triggered LDI usually indicates that the internal components may have suffered water damage.

3. Immediate Actions Following Water Exposure

Once you have assessed the water damage, take the following steps to enhance the chances of successful recovery.

Drying Your Smartphone

Absorb visible moisture using a lint-free cloth or paper towels. To extract additional water or moisture from the device, use a vacuum cleaner to create suction around ports and openings. Avoid using compressed air or hair dryers, as they can cause further damage or force water deeper into the device.

Using a Desiccant

Place your smartphone in a container or bag with a desiccant, such as silica gel packets, to aid in the drying process. Alternatively, you can use uncooked rice, although silica gel is more effective at absorbing moisture. Allow your phone to remain in the container for at least 48 hours to maximise drying.

4. Repair Options for Water-damaged Smartphones

If your smartphone doesn’t function correctly after it has dried, you may need to consider repair options. While DIY repairs can be tempting, water damage is particularly complex and best suited for professional evaluation and intervention.

Consult the Manufacturer.

Check your smartphone’s warranty to determine whether water damage coverage is included. If so, contact your device’s manufacturer for instructions on sending the device for evaluation and repair.

Seek Expert Help

Consult a professional smartphone repair service, like Digimob Phone Repairs, as they possess the necessary tools and experience to diagnose and rectify water damage issues effectively. Be transparent with the technician about the device’s water exposure to ensure accurate assessment and repair.

5. Preventing Data Loss After Water Damage

In addition to the device itself, water damage can also lead to potential data loss. Taking the following precautionary measures can help protect your information:

Regular Data Backups

Ensure you maintain regular backups of your smartphone data, such as contacts, photos, and documents, either to a cloud-based service or an external storage device.

Device and App Integration

Use smartphone syncing features with associated devices and apps to ensure seamless recovery of essential information should water damage result in data loss or device failure.

By implementing these preventive measures, assessing water damage accurately and seeking professional assistance when needed, you can better navigate the challenges posed by water damage to your mobile phone. The expertise provided by certified repair services, such as Digimob Phone Repairs, can help restore your smartphone’s functionality and provide invaluable peace of mind during unfortunate water-related incidents.


Water damage can be a significant concern for smartphone owners, but by taking proactive measures and seeking professional assistance when needed, you can safeguard your mobile device and minimise potential disruptions. Implement the practical tips outlined in this guide to avoid water-related incidents and ensure reliable, lasting protection for your smartphone investment.

If you encounter water damage or require support in restoring your smartphone’s functionality, trust the experienced technicians at Digimob Phone Repairs to provide top-tier mobile phone repairs tailored to your needs. Visit our website or contact us to book an appointment and secure your smartphone’s future from unforeseen water damage risks. With Digimob Phone Repairs on your side, enjoy peace of mind and a worry-free mobile experience, come rain or shine.

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