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When to Repair vs When to Replace

When to Repair vs When to Replace

How to decide whether to buy a new phone or not to buy a new phone? Is it better to get it repaired? How does one decide? Here’s how.

This month several tech giants have released new models of their phones, tabs and other electronic devices. These releases were publicized on a huge scale, such as the release of Apple’s iPhone 13. Apple created a huge hype from the moment they announced that they were releasing iPhone 13 line soon and kept the hype with sneak-peeks, expectations of updated features etc. they created a hype so big that on the day of its launch, overnight every media portals had released blogs regarding the specifications and upgrades of the new line. From the colour scheme to the bionic chips used everyone knew everything about the new iPhone series. 

This campaign enjoyed such popularity because after a very depressing and tough 2020, now that everyone was stable and had transformed back to their normal lives everyone was excited to spend and enjoy like they used to. While there are a huge number of people who want to spend, there are also some who lost their livelihoods and some who are in a financial crisis and want to spend wisely. 

Now how does one decide when to buy a new device and when to repair the device you already have? This is how

If any of these conditions match your situation then it is high time to buy a new smartphone:- 

Is your smartphone beyond repair? 

Does your device have some kind of damage? Is it repairable? And if it is then how much does it cost? 

All these factors are to be considered when you are thinking about buying or repairing your device. If your device is outdated and requires a part which is unavailable as there is no demand for it, or if your device is damaged beyond repair then it is high time to buy a new device. 

But let’s consider that your device is repairable, then what do you do? Would you go for repair or get a new device? Well if you have used your old device to its fullest then it would be better to buy a new device but there is another very important factor in this which happens to be the cost of repair, if the repair is going to cost you 50% to 60% of the cost of a new device then go for repair because it will be a lot cheaper but if the repair cost is almost the same as the cost of a new device then it would be much better to buy a new device.   

Does your smartphone support software upgrades? Or is it stuck in the past? 

Is your phone outdated? In today’s time if your device is old then there is a high chance that you may not get the latest software upgrade. Without the latest softwares you will face problems almost every single day. 

For iPhones any model older than iPhone 6S would face this problem, as for androids, android phones face this problem after 2-3 years of the release of that particular model. 

You can find out whether your android allows software upgrades by searching on the internet. 

If this situation arises then buying a new device is the only alternative. 

Is it the device or you? Do you want a brand new device because you are bored with your old one? 

Do you want to buy a new smartphone simply because you are not satisfied with the one you already have? 

It is also one of the biggest reasons to get a new device. You may not be happy with your current device’s graphics or functions,maybe because you want a new faster device and are unhappy with the snail-like speed of your current device, another reason can also be that your current phone has bad picture quality and you are a stickler for the best camera features or maybe you want a brand new model because it has everything you ever dreamed of and is also affordable and within your budget. 

If it is then go for it! If getting a new device makes you happy and you can afford it then definitely go for it but if it is not affordable and your device still has a lot of life left in it then get it repaired and use it to its fullest so that you can get your money’s worth. 

After going through all these conditions you realise that it would be better to get your current smartphones repaired then Digimob is the place to go in Adelaide. At digimob the highly trained staff can help you diagnose the problem your device is facing and the experts can fix it and make it good as new. They also offer additional perks depending on the scheme you choose and provide door-to-door service. If you want to repair your smartphones in Adelaide, Digimob is the best smartphone repair shop. 

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