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iPhone 13 Launches : Models, Pricing, Specifications

iPhone 13 Launches : Models, Pricing, Specifications

The most awaited iPhone 13 line up has just been released. On 14th September, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple launched the new iPhone 13 line up. There has been numerous speculations about the new product’s features and comparisons have been made with its predecessor iPhone 12. The biggest question that arose among all Apple fans was “Have they done it again?”, “Were they able to surpass themselves again this time?” With every new line up and launch comes immense speculation, sometimes it’s about the design, sometimes the battery life etc. but Apple has never disappointed its customers with its products hence like every other time, this time also the expectations were high and have they been able to satisfy these curious minds about the new line up? 

The new Apple iPhone line up consists of 4 models of iPhone. They are iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Each model is better than the other. It has been made clear that there is a huge gap between the prices of iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 pro and pro max. There is an obvious difference in functionality and features among the 4 models. IPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are almost similar when it comes to features but there is a huge difference between them and the pro and pro max models. Similarly iPhone 13 pro and pro max are also similar in their features. There may be slight differences but basic features are similar. 

Claiming to be the best phone in the world, Apple’s iPhone 13 line up has breathtaking technologies and increased battery life as well as improved camera features and settings. 

According to their recent press release, the iPhone 13 line up has “beautiful design and sleek flat edges”. Apple launched 5 new and gorgeous colours for these models and added major innovations in the device. Some of the new major features of iPhone 13, mini, pro and pro max are that it fashions a wider camera which has bigger pixels and sensor-shift optical image stabilizer (OIS) which improves photography and videography in dim lighting. 

There are major improvements in the camera settings as well which allows the user to personalize the camera to the users own aesthetic with the new photographic style and to add a new dimension in your video, the new iPhone 13, 13 mini, pro and pro max has cinematic mode which will allow you to experience a new world of videography. One of the key and most awaited features was the increased battery life. The iPhone is known in the market for its absolutely otherworldly tech when it comes to battery but to get an upgrade at something that is already in its finest is mind-boggling. Apple is using A15 bionic chips, which has never been used in phones before, in iPhone 13, mini, pro and pro max. 

It has increased the battery life of this new line up and has become something that everyone fancies. The new iPhone 13 has a super retina XDR display which literally brings the contents to life and it has a ceramic shield front cover that adds to the durability. The new iPhone 13 line up has IP68 rating for water resistance and can withstand spills from all kinds of common liquids. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have diagonally placed camera lenses, this enables advanced dual camera systems. Although it’s smaller, it has the same true depth breakthrough technology. It has also become a perfect companion for gamers with the power optimisations from a “deep integration of hardware and software”. It provides an ethereal platform for gamers to enjoy. 

Those who are huge fans of everything premium, who are willing to pay extra dollars for a few more features and advantages would definitely go for the pro and pro max models. These two models were redesigned inside out so that it stands out among other phones in the market. The biggest improvements in pro and pro max models was seen in the camera. When compared with iPhone 13, 13 mini, iPhone 13 pro and pro max has a wider range of options and features when it comes to the technology used for cameras. 

They have included ultra wide, wide and telephoto cameras which uplifts the quality of photography and videography to a completely different level. Cinematic mode in this new iPhone provides users with an otherworldly experience with different options and features that the user can apply to shoot a video, ProRes has been included which is only available on iPhones. The new iPhone 13 pro and pro max also include 5G network coverage and end to end pro workflows of Dolby vision. It also has a storage of 1TB and a ceramic shield front cover which is tougher than any glass on any smartphone available in the market.  

The pro and pro max models come in 4 different colours that are gold, silver, graphite and the brand new sierra blue. 

The pre-order window will open soon for those who are excited to order it before it goes out of stock. Like every other release Apple has again achieved what others consider impossible and now the stakes will go higher for their next release. Again Apple has provided with its high tech innovations why it is still the giant in the smartphone market. 

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