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Choosing Between Smart Phone Repair and Replacement

Choosing Between Smart Phone Repair and Replacement

When you buy a new device, you take a lot of time to go through the specifications of the new device you are planning to buy. You search it on the internet, you go through its reviews, you even call up almost everyone in your close friend circle to get their advice on which device to get since it’s a huge investment especially if you are one of those people who want the best, top of the line device released. And in the end of this rigorous elimination… sorry, selection process you get your dream device with all the features and everything, a shining new device is now in your pocket. Now let’s imagine after a few years due to your absentmindedness the smart phone is damaged. Now the question arises whether to repair the device or to replace it? 

Choosing either option should be done after keeping in mind several factors regarding the device. Some of which are discussed below:- 

1). Comparison between costs for screen repair and cost for screen replacement:- 

If the damage to the device is small, something that can be easily fixed such as LCD replacement, Touchscreen replacement, charging issues, water damage, declining battery health etc. then it is smarter to get the device repaired. If the cost of repair is around 50% or 60% of the cost of a new device then repair is what you should do but if the cost of repair is much greater than that then replacing the device is the best option. 

2). Warranty period of the device:-

It is always better to check the warranty period of the device. If the device is within the warranty period then it is always better to get the device repaired as according to some terms and conditions regarding the damage you may get the device repaired free of cost. 

3). Reasons regarding sustainability:- 

One of the major concerns in today’s world is sustainability, is getting a new device environmentally efficient? What will be done with the old device? Dumping of old electronics is what we call e-waste. It is a huge concern in today’s time. It is better to get the device repaired than replaced. If replacement of the device is confirmed then it is essential to get the old devices to a recycling centre of electronics to reduce e-waste.

4). Have you used the device to its full extent?

Why put so much time in checking the specifications of a device when you cannot even use it to its full extent. Instead of buying a new smartphone which will take weeks for us to learn its functions, it is much better to get your money’s worth with your old device first then getting a new device. 

Now all this while we have discussed the different reasons to get the device repaired but what are the reasons to get a device replaced. There may be several reasons to buy a new device, some of the reasons should be:- 

5). Your current device is outdated:- 

If your device cannot fulfil your day to day needs, if your device is not up to date with all the functions and specifications necessary then it is high time that you replace your device and upgrade to a new one with better specifications and functions.

6). Is the damage done irreparable? 

If the damage done to the smartphone is irreparable then instead of spending on it to try and get it repaired, it is much better to get a new device with the latest features and specifications instead of trying to revive your old smartphone. If something is dead, you cannot bring it back to life, hence getting a new phone should be the option. 

One more reason to get a new device is if the repair costs as much or near the cost of a new device. It would be better to get a replacement if any of the above happens. 

It is clear now that repairs are much better than replacements. Replacements are expensive and time consuming but repairs are low cost, economically efficient and environmentally better options. 

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