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Aftermarket Battery vs Genuine (OEM) Battery

Aftermarket Battery vs Genuine (OEM) Battery

In today’s world the most popular gadget is undoubtedly iPhone or any apple product. From iPhones to MacBook, Apple has a fan following on a completely different dimension. It is not only due to the advanced technology that is so evident in every new release of its products but also due to the trend that owning an Apple product is like a statement to your standard and lifestyle. Its price tag is an excuse for several consumers to show off their elite lifestyle or for some consumers their extreme love for this particular brand and its highly advanced technologies. Many consumers purchase it solely on face value while many purchase it due to its next level specs. Now for a product this impactful, it is obvious for us to think that if there is ever a need for repair or replacement of parts, would the technicians use genuine parts or counterfeit ones? And if counterfeit parts are used, would they harm the device or are they safe?

In apple products especially the iPhone, battery cannot be extracted. Unlike other smartphones or other devices, iPhone users have to completely trust Apple to provide them with the best quality battery one can imagine. One of the most common problems in any phone including iPhone would be battery health. A phone with declining battery health will cause problems. A phone with declining battery health will discharge quicker than a healthy phone. Phones with battery health degraded will shut down frequently and become an obstacle in one’s daily life. Hence when your phone is heating up and frequently shutting down, it’s better to get it diagnosed to find out what the problem is and if it turns out to be declining battery then consumers must replace it immediately. Now the question arises are the parts used for repair genuine, approved by Apple or counterfeit, aftermarket product? 

Aftermarket battery is a type of battery that a third party produces and sells in less price than the genuine product promising equal or better functioning. It is not possible for everyone to be able to afford genuine iPhone parts as they are quite expensive therefore consumers all over the world look for a cheaper and equally reliable alternative but is it safe for the phone to have a third-party product in place of the genuine one? The answer is quite simple – No. It is not safe to use a battery which is not genuine in any phone as it may not be suitable for the device. With a genuine (OEM) battery you can rest assured knowing that there are almost no chances of any damage to the phone. There is no chance that the battery that has been now placed in your phone is an old and used one, a possibility like this may sound absurd but is a frequent occurrence among aftermarket battery. Many consumers have a misconception that if the battery has the logo of Apple, then its genuine but in today’s world it is quite simple to print the logo on a counterfeit battery. To tackle this problem Apple has declared that when the battery is replaced, and an aftermarket battery is used then a message will be displayed which says that the battery health function won’t work since the battery used does not belong to Apple. They have made it clear that battery replacements need to take place at Apple approved workshops otherwise even if genuine apple battery is used it will not be registered by the device and will show the message. This is due to a microcontroller of Texas Instruments which is fitted inside the battery and carries out an authentication process which can only be cleared by Apple and its partners. 

These safety measures are becoming increasingly necessary due to the recent surge in counterfeit products and parts. These aftermarket products are harmful to the device and many a times old products are packed as new to fool the consumers. Digimob guarantees genuine products and parts. The clients can be rest assured once they send their devices to Digimob as Digimob has a professional and expertly trained staff who will turn your phone good as new.   Hence genuine products, parts or batteries must be used to experience unobstructed functioning of the device. 

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