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    Assessment Fee: This fee is a non-refundable service and ranges depending on the device. The fee is deducted from the total cost of the repair if you wish to proceed with the repair.

    Settings and Data: All device information may have been lost due to original physical or water damage, or may be lost during repair. Whilst all care is taken, we urge you to backup all data prior to submitting the phone to repair, as we cannot guarantee data will be kept. Digimob will not be held responsible for any lost data.

    SIM / Memory Cards: Our staff will endeavor to remove the Sim / Memory cards and cases upon book in, however the removal of Sim, Memory cards and phone accessories are your responsibility. Anything left in the handset is done so at the customers’ own risk. Digimob will not be held responsible for any lost Sim or Memory cards.

    Liquid Damaged Repairs: Some liquid damaged phones may require fixing to generate a quote for you, if the quote is declined, Digimob will remove the parts replaced and return the phone back to you.  We will not warrant the phone's functionality thereafter. Please note: water damaged handsets must be treated using heat during the quoting process. Depending on severity of corrosion, this may damage the PCB (Main Board) further. Digimob will not accept responsibility should this occur.

    Service Warranty: Repairs are backed with a three month warranty on all labour and parts replaced from the date of the original invoice. Warranty only applies directly to the repairs performed on the handset.  A Tax Invoice must be produced for a valid warranty claim. Digimob reserves the rights to reject the warranty if a tax invoice is not produced. Warranty period is not elongated with warranty repairs. Physical and liquid damage to repaired parts voids our warranty.

    Fees/Prices: Fees and prices advertised by Digimob are subjected to change any time without prior notice.

    Original Manufacturer Warranty:  Digimob is only non-warranty repairs. By submitting your phone to repairs, you agree that your phone is not covered by your original manufacturer's warranty if it is any other make.

    Quotes: Digimob will guarantee to contact you once, on the method you have provided, to advise you of your quotation. Digimob will endeavor to fix its initial pricing on quotes; however, pricing may vary depending on further inspection of devices.

    Payment before Repairs: Once repairs are approved you are responsible for the timely payment of all fees and for providing Digimob with a payment method before the device commences repairs.

    Part Orders: cannot be cancelled due to change of mind. Sometimes, we experience delays in receiving parts from our suppliers and we will do our best to find appropriate solutions in these situations.

    Locks / Code Removal: Should you require the removal of any locks or passwords, please note it is the customers’ responsibility to ensure the handset is not IMEI locked. If the handset is found to be IMEI locked after removal of locks or passwords is performed, the customer is still liable for payment.

    Collections: I agree that if I do not contact Digimob with a decision on repairs within 30 days, my handset will be recycled. I agree that if I do not collect my handset within 30 days of being informed it is ready for collection, my handset will be recycled. I will have no claim against Digimob for said equipment once disposed. This is in accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act 1995.

    Ownership: I agree that I am the owner or have permission to act on behalf of the owner of the device submitted to Digimob and agree to the terms and conditions.