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    Don’t throw old phones as it is not environment friendly

    Don’t throw old phones as it is not environment friendly

    In recent years one of the main concerns of all the world leaders is sustainability. Sustainable development has become a necessity in today’s time due to the depleting natural resources and the constant degradation of environment around us. The time when we will lose fossil fuels is not far if we maintain to destroy our natural resources in this fashion. According to Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of United Nations, this senseless and suicidal war that we have waged on nature has resulted in three interlinked environmental crises, Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and pollution. These circumstances has forced the world to look towards sustainability and renewability as they are the only solutions to this major threat.

    Sustainability originates from the colossal concern of the modern-day, “what are we leaving for our future generations?” in recent years one of the ways to embrace sustainability and energy security for our country is through proper waste management. The old phones that are thrown away are a hazard to the environment. When consumers get purchase new technology they often throw away the old devices or resell them. Reselling the old devices is a much more sustainable approach as compared to throwing them away as these thrown away technologies end up in dumps. Old electronic items such as your cell phones contain toxic materials such as arsenic, lead and cadmium which is extremely hazardous and need to be handled in a proper fashion instead of being sent to the landfills and garbage dumps. These chemicals damage plant and animal life which affects our food supply. These thrown away electronics become E-waste or electronic waste. According to the studies conducted by MIT researchers all this electronic waste end up at  Hong Kong, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Canada, and Kenya demonstrating the huge network of waste management. Several studies have suggested different methods of efficient waste management which promotes circular economy. According to the research conducted by Dr. Sara Behdad of the state university of New York, use of RFID tags, IoT and data analysis can create a system of sustainable waste management which also promotes circular economy throughout the process and can turn our society into a green and sustainable one. Solid Waste Management is one of the ways to become a smart and sustainable society. Often times these chemicals also end up in the water stream, which contaminates drinking water. Recently a research conducted by Prof. Alexandria Boehm of Stanford university states that covid-19 virus travels through these contaminated waters which makes wastewater management a priority as well for the environment.

    It is important to handle these electronic wastes properly but not all electronics are easy to dismantle and manage. The process of waste management is extremely complex and sometimes may have some missteps. While buying a new phone one way to discard off your old phone is to sell them. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, your old phone maybe exactly what someone else wanted. You can sell your old device to some stores as well who refurbish it and sell it second-hand. It is an incredible way to avoid creation of E-waste. Companies such as HP have taken an initiative towards circular economy, they collect E-waste and recycle it according to industry standards and conduct rigorous audits to assure proper treatment of the electronic devices. It is important to study the entire life cycle of the product to be able to manage it and use it for circular economy. Several literature has stated the importance of the life cycle study of the products manufactured to promote sustainability. One of the best examples of recycling of E-waste would be the medals of Tokyo Olympics 2020, the metal that is gold, silver and bronze were acquired from E-waste. They have successfully recycled the E-waste and created several medals which were awarded in the ceremony to the winners.

    In countries such as US, citizens need to contact legitimate facilities who specialize in waste management to recycle their waste. These facilities take apart the devices and separate rubbish from valuable metals and recycle them.

    It has become a necessity to embrace sustainability and the one way in which we can reduce E-waste it by properly managing it, hence instead of disposing of your old phones, it is better to resell them or recycle them through proper legitimate services and help make our society sustainable and green.

    Aftermarket Battery vs Genuine (OEM) Battery

    Aftermarket Battery vs Genuine (OEM) Battery

    In today’s world the most popular gadget is undoubtedly iPhone or any apple product. From iPhones to MacBook, Apple has a fan following on a completely different dimension. It is not only due to the advanced technology that is so evident in every new release of its products but also due to the trend that owning an Apple product is like a statement to your standard and lifestyle. Its price tag is an excuse for several consumers to show off their elite lifestyle or for some consumers their extreme love for this particular brand and its highly advanced technologies. Many consumers purchase it solely on face value while many purchase it due to its next level specs. Now for a product this impactful, it is obvious for us to think that if there is ever a need for repair or replacement of parts, would the technicians use genuine parts or counterfeit ones? And if counterfeit parts are used, would they harm the device or are they safe?

    In apple products especially the iPhone, battery cannot be extracted. Unlike other smartphones or other devices, iPhone users have to completely trust Apple to provide them with the best quality battery one can imagine. One of the most common problems in any phone including iPhone would be battery health. A phone with declining battery health will cause problems. A phone with declining battery health will discharge quicker than a healthy phone. Phones with battery health degraded will shut down frequently and become an obstacle in one’s daily life. Hence when your phone is heating up and frequently shutting down, it’s better to get it diagnosed to find out what the problem is and if it turns out to be declining battery then consumers must replace it immediately. Now the question arises are the parts used for repair genuine, approved by Apple or counterfeit, aftermarket product? 

    Aftermarket battery is a type of battery that a third party produces and sells in less price than the genuine product promising equal or better functioning. It is not possible for everyone to be able to afford genuine iPhone parts as they are quite expensive therefore consumers all over the world look for a cheaper and equally reliable alternative but is it safe for the phone to have a third-party product in place of the genuine one? The answer is quite simple - No. It is not safe to use a battery which is not genuine in any phone as it may not be suitable for the device. With a genuine (OEM) battery you can rest assured knowing that there are almost no chances of any damage to the phone. There is no chance that the battery that has been now placed in your phone is an old and used one, a possibility like this may sound absurd but is a frequent occurrence among aftermarket battery. Many consumers have a misconception that if the battery has the logo of Apple, then its genuine but in today’s world it is quite simple to print the logo on a counterfeit battery. To tackle this problem Apple has declared that when the battery is replaced, and an aftermarket battery is used then a message will be displayed which says that the battery health function won’t work since the battery used does not belong to Apple. They have made it clear that battery replacements need to take place at Apple approved workshops otherwise even if genuine apple battery is used it will not be registered by the device and will show the message. This is due to a microcontroller of Texas Instruments which is fitted inside the battery and carries out an authentication process which can only be cleared by Apple and its partners. 

    These safety measures are becoming increasingly necessary due to the recent surge in counterfeit products and parts. These aftermarket products are harmful to the device and many a times old products are packed as new to fool the consumers. Digimob guarantees genuine products and parts. The clients can be rest assured once they send their devices to Digimob as Digimob has a professional and expertly trained staff who will turn your phone good as new.   Hence genuine products, parts or batteries must be used to experience unobstructed functioning of the device.    

    When to Repair vs When to Replace

    When to Repair vs When to Replace

    How to decide whether to buy a new phone or not to buy a new phone? Is it better to get it repaired? How does one decide? Here's how.

    This month several tech giants have released new models of their phones, tabs and other electronic devices. These releases were publicized on a huge scale, such as the release of Apple’s iPhone 13. Apple created a huge hype from the moment they announced that they were releasing iPhone 13 line soon and kept the hype with sneak-peeks, expectations of updated features etc. they created a hype so big that on the day of its launch, overnight every media portals had released blogs regarding the specifications and upgrades of the new line. From the colour scheme to the bionic chips used everyone knew everything about the new iPhone series. 

    This campaign enjoyed such popularity because after a very depressing and tough 2020, now that everyone was stable and had transformed back to their normal lives everyone was excited to spend and enjoy like they used to. While there are a huge number of people who want to spend, there are also some who lost their livelihoods and some who are in a financial crisis and want to spend wisely. 

    Now how does one decide when to buy a new device and when to repair the device you already have? This is how

    If any of these conditions match your situation then it is high time to buy a new smartphone:- 

    Is your smartphone beyond repair? 

    Does your device have some kind of damage? Is it repairable? And if it is then how much does it cost? 

    All these factors are to be considered when you are thinking about buying or repairing your device. If your device is outdated and requires a part which is unavailable as there is no demand for it, or if your device is damaged beyond repair then it is high time to buy a new device. 

    But let's consider that your device is repairable, then what do you do? Would you go for repair or get a new device? Well if you have used your old device to its fullest then it would be better to buy a new device but there is another very important factor in this which happens to be the cost of repair, if the repair is going to cost you 50% to 60% of the cost of a new device then go for repair because it will be a lot cheaper but if the repair cost is almost the same as the cost of a new device then it would be much better to buy a new device.    

    Does your smartphone support software upgrades? Or is it stuck in the past? 

    Is your phone outdated? In today's time if your device is old then there is a high chance that you may not get the latest software upgrade. Without the latest softwares you will face problems almost every single day. 

    For iPhones any model older than iPhone 6S would face this problem, as for androids, android phones face this problem after 2-3 years of the release of that particular model. 

    You can find out whether your android allows software upgrades by searching on the internet. 

    If this situation arises then buying a new device is the only alternative. 

    Is it the device or you? Do you want a brand new device because you are bored with your old one? 

    Do you want to buy a new smartphone simply because you are not satisfied with the one you already have? 

    It is also one of the biggest reasons to get a new device. You may not be happy with your current device’s graphics or functions,maybe because you want a new faster device and are unhappy with the snail-like speed of your current device, another reason can also be that your current phone has bad picture quality and you are a stickler for the best camera features or maybe you want a brand new model because it has everything you ever dreamed of and is also affordable and within your budget. 

    If it is then go for it! If getting a new device makes you happy and you can afford it then definitely go for it but if it is not affordable and your device still has a lot of life left in it then get it repaired and use it to its fullest so that you can get your money’s worth. 

    After going through all these conditions you realise that it would be better to get your current smartphones repaired then Digimob is the place to go in Adelaide. At digimob the highly trained staff can help you diagnose the problem your device is facing and the experts can fix it and make it good as new. They also offer additional perks depending on the scheme you choose and provide door-to-door service. If you want to repair your smartphones in Adelaide, Digimob is the best smartphone repair shop. 

    Choosing Between Smart Phone Repair and Replacement

    Choosing Between Smart Phone Repair and Replacement

    When you buy a new device, you take a lot of time to go through the specifications of the new device you are planning to buy. You search it on the internet, you go through its reviews, you even call up almost everyone in your close friend circle to get their advice on which device to get since it's a huge investment especially if you are one of those people who want the best, top of the line device released. And in the end of this rigorous elimination… sorry, selection process you get your dream device with all the features and everything, a shining new device is now in your pocket. Now let's imagine after a few years due to your absentmindedness the smart phone is damaged. Now the question arises whether to repair the device or to replace it? 

    Choosing either option should be done after keeping in mind several factors regarding the device. Some of which are discussed below:- 

    1). Comparison between costs for repair and cost for replacement:- 

    If the damage to the device is small, something that can be easily fixed such as LCD replacement, Touchscreen replacement, charging issues, water damage, declining battery health etc. then it is smarter to get the device repaired. If the cost of repair is around 50% or 60% of the cost of a new device then repair is what you should do but if the cost of repair is much greater than that then replacing the device is the best option. 

    2). Warranty period of the device:-

    It is always better to check the warranty period of the device. If the device is within the warranty period then it is always better to get the device repaired as according to some terms and conditions regarding the damage you may get the device repaired free of cost. 

    3). Reasons regarding sustainability:- 

    One of the major concerns in today’s world is sustainability, is getting a new device environmentally efficient? What will be done with the old device? Dumping of old electronics is what we call e-waste. It is a huge concern in today’s time. It is better to get the device repaired than replaced. If replacement of the device is confirmed then it is essential to get the old devices to a recycling centre of electronics to reduce e-waste.

    4). Have you used the device to its full extent?

    Why put so much time in checking the specifications of a device when you cannot even use it to its full extent. Instead of buying a new smartphone which will take weeks for us to learn its functions, it is much better to get your money’s worth with your old device first then getting a new device. 

    Now all this while we have discussed the different reasons to get the device repaired but what are the reasons to get a device replaced. There may be several reasons to buy a new device, some of the reasons should be:- 

    5). Your current device is outdated:- 

    If your device cannot fulfil your day to day needs, if your device is not up to date with all the functions and specifications necessary then it is high time that you replace your device and upgrade to a new one with better specifications and functions. 

    6). Is the damage done irreparable? 

    If the damage done to the smartphone is irreparable then instead of spending on it to try and get it repaired, it is much better to get a new device with the latest features and specifications instead of trying to revive your old smartphone. If something is dead, you cannot bring it back to life, hence getting a new phone should be the option. 

    One more reason to get a new device is if the repair costs as much or near the cost of a new device. It would be better to get a replacement if any of the above happens. 

    It is clear now that repairs are much better than replacements. Replacements are expensive and time consuming but repairs are low cost, economically efficient and environmentally better options. 

    Digimob is the best place to get repairs for smartphones. No matter which company the phone belongs to, Digimob can fix it! We also provide door-to-door service and perks such as complimentary phone cases or tempered glass. It is the best place to get your device fixed in Adelaide.  

    5 Reasons Why One Should Repair the Cracked Screen of a Smartphone

    5 Reasons Why One Should Repair the Cracked Screen of a Smartphone

    Smartphones are a necessity in our daily lives, it keeps us connected to our friends, family, and colleagues at work. Nowadays we cannot imagine life without a smartphone. It contains precious memories, and important work-related documents, and contacts of family, friends, and acquaintances as well as emergency contacts that are already installed in the device. 

    Hence damage to the smartphone would mean either repairing it or buying a new one, a smartphone is a huge investment so having to buy a new one might prove to be difficult for the majority of the population but a lot of times people think that instead of repairing their smartphones it would be more cost-efficient to buy a new one.

    Well here are 5 reasons as to why one should repair the cracked screen of a smartphone instead of buying a new one altogether-

    1). There is the risk of further damage

    Most of the time having a small crack on your screen might not seem much big of a deal, we don't face any problems from small cracks, they don't hinder the functionality or usability so people neglect to repair such cracks deeming it to be trivial but this frivolous attitude might lead to more serious damage from even the smallest gestures. 

    Just as how a small cut can become a nuisance if not treated by getting infected, the same way if these small cracks are not repaired it makes the phone more vulnerable and the next time your phone falls off of your hands maybe instead of having another small crack it will just shatter into a million pieces and you would have to get it repaired with additional repairs for other damaged parts. 

    2). Cracked Screens that are not Repaired Fetch Lower Resale Price

    Sometimes people want to sell their old smartphones as they plan on getting a new one and since smartphones are quite an expensive necessity it is common for people to want to sell their old phone at a lower price but while selling the condition of the phone is inspected and it is quite obvious that a damaged phone will fetch a lower price than the actual market value of the phone you were about to sell. Hence it is advised to repair the phone even if there's a crack on the screen as it will diminish the resale value of the phone. 

    3). A Damaged Screen Hinders the Functionality and Usability of a Smartphone

    It is quite common to find people with cracks on their smartphone screens, some may have small cracks while others may have huge spider webs of cracks and dark black blobs on their screens. These cracks hinder the functionality and usability of a smartphone. 

    Many times it restricts us from opening a document or an app and sometimes due to the cracks and the damage it is hard to read the text on the screen as it is highly distorted. A cracked phone screen causes various problems like these hence it is essential to repair the screen.

    4). The Cracks can Harm the User

    Since the screen of a smartphone is made up of mainly glass or acrylic, once cracked it exposes shards of glass that can harm the user. While using the phone one might cut themselves with these tiny shards of glass. Hence it is important to repair the screen to protect ourselves from unwanted injuries.

    5). Repairing a Cracked Screen Saves Time, Money and Gives a Good Impression

    It is quite common to assume that repairing a cracked screen might cost a fortune and take a lot of time, questions arise such as how will one manage to get work done or keep contact with family while the phone is sent for repair, etc. isn't it better to just buy a new one instead of wasting one's time and money on a small crack? 

    Well, these are all misconceptions and no it is not cost-efficient, much less time-efficient to buy a new smartphone just because of a cracked screen. 

    It hardly takes 30 to 60 mins to fix a cracked screen and the prices are reasonable while purchasing a new smartphone will not only cost a great deal it will also be time-consuming as one would have to go through several data plans, you would have to transfer data from your old phone and set up the new phone, all this work is extremely time consuming and a clean new phone screen which has been repaired is much better than roaming around with a cracked screen as it gives an impression that you do care enough about your belongings to fix them when required, showing up at a job interview with a cracked screen will give an impression of carelessness which is not ideal. 

    It is always better to get your screen repaired in time as the more you use a smartphone with a cracked screen the more you are putting not only yourself but the device also in danger. The oils and dirt from our fingers might also further damage the phone screen, therefore, Digimob - The Best Phone Repair Company in Stepney, Australia provides you premium service with genuine products and trained staff at reasonable prices. They provide door-to-door service and one can rest assured if the phone is in their hands it will come back good as new.